The quest for answers began around age 10. And so it began, the great human experiment. 

A farmers daughter, Rachel struggled to accept the number on the scale all her life. She was always one of the heavier kids in her class, even though she was usually the youngest. This bothered her for a long time But in her heart, she knew she was also one of the STRONGEST!

Nearly two and half decades later, Rachel's business and philanthropic minds collided to bring you Dunk Truck.

The MISSION is to abolish obesity and PREVENT disease, one body comp, RMR, and VO2 test at a time. 

Rachel  holds current ETP Nutrition Certification, CPR / AED, NASM CPT, and CrossFit Level I Coach Certification.

Her competitive spirit can be witnessed as a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitor, kayaking, yoga, coaching, swimming, and most anything that will yield a great sweat!




Meet Jenn!

Jenn is a certified Russian kettlebell coach (RKC) who has been coaching strength and conditioning to individuals and groups since 2011. She directed nutrition-focussed groups for FitWit, with assistance from The Dunk Truck, before joining our staff. Jenn brings her experience of coaching with the science-based Eat To Perform principles of smart eating and life balance to help our clients make lasting body and mindset improvements. She is also a certified coach with UCanRow2 indoor rowing and Mobility|WOD.

Jenn is originally from New Jersey where she attended Princeton University. She studied sociology and African American Studies, and played field hockey. She has competed in local CrossFit competitions, the Georgia Tech Erg Sprints, powerlifting and in Georgia Field Hockey Association tournaments. She brings a lifelong passion for freedom of movement and physical and mental strength to her clients. Catch her at FitWit, Atlanta Barbell Gym or “farmer walking” kettlebells around Avondale Estates!