Rachel was raised in rural Indiana. She moved to Atlanta straight from Purdue's campus in June of 2000.

Although her formal education was in Restaurant & Hotel Management, her informal studies included fitness and nutrition from a very young age. Rachel struggled to accept the number on the scale all her life. She was always toward the top of the heavier / bigger kids (girls AND boys) even though she was usually the youngest in the class. This bothered her for a long time But in her heart, she knew she was also one of the STRONGEST! 

So, the great experiment and quest for answers began around age 10. Nearly two and half decades later, Dunk Truck was born.

Rachel's business and philanthropic minds collided to bring you Dunk Truck. The MISSION is to abolish obesity and PREVENT disease, one test at a time. Combining her wealth of knowledge, personal experience and hard data from wellness testing, she intends to provide this service to EVERYONE.

Wellness testing is not only for elite athletes, it's for anyone with the desire to be the cause of change in their lives.

Rachel  holds current CPR / AED and CrossFit Level I Coach Certification.

Her competitive spirit can be witnessed as a competitive Brazilian Jiu Jitsu athlete of Team Roberto Traven, kayaking, SUPing, coaching, swimming, walking her dogs, and most anything that will produce a great sweat!

She currently resides in East Atlanta with her husband, their one cat (who thinks he's a dog) and two dogs.