Pre-Test Requirement

It is desirable to measure a person’s metabolic rate at a true resting level. To ensure one is at rest, we recommend the following preparation:

  1. Avoid eating a meal 4 hours before the test.

  2. No exercising on the day of testing and no heavy lifting / intense exercise the day before.

  3. If possible, avoid the use of stimulants such as caffeine prior to testing.

  4. During the test it will be important to get into a comfortable position and relax as much as possible.

  5. Keep lips sealed lightly around the mouthpiece. It is important that all the air breathed out is analyzed.

  6. Breathe normally during the test.

  7. Please refrain from cell phone use during the test; this can cause interference with the heart rate monitor.

  8. The test length will vary from another person's test length; it could be as short as 12 minutes or as long as 24 minutes.