Paralysis by Analysis: The Plight of a Perfectionist

Have you wondered why there haven't been any blog posts in YEARS??

Well, wonder no more. The answer is in the title.

Hello, my name is Rachel and I'm a perfectionist.

I shook off the paralysis today...finally. I was vacuuming the floor and the task of blogging popped up again (I do the BEST thinking while vacuuming or blow drying my hair, captive audience much??? Haha.).

Then I thought about the many conversations I have with clients or gym owners about their members as to why they're not keeping their follow-up appointment for the end of their nutrition challenge / detox plan / whole30 <insert whatever reason they were motivated in the first place HERE>.

We all have this in common. We are paralyzed by the fear that since we didn't follow the challenge / plan / diet PERFECTLY, that we made NO progress so we don't want to see the results of a body composition test.

I totally get it. I do. TRUUUUUUUUUUUUST ME. I finally dunked yesterday for the first time in a VERY long time. Granted, I was pregnant for 9, errrr, 10-ish months of that "very long time," but DAMN. I have the equipment at my disposal on a daily basis. 

My results were so much better than I had anticipated. I had created this amazing, self-defeating story that just wasn't true. Numbers don't lie.

I've been trying to think of an analogy that will stick with you. This isn't the best, but it's what is stuck in my head. Imagine you want to grow your hair longer than it is. If it didn't grow as much as you wanted it to at the end of 12 weeks, would you cut it shorter? Of course not! You would keep measuring the progress of the growth and possibly try something different to get it to grow more for the next 12 weeks. Right?

The moral is that no one is perfect. NO ONE. Not even the freak-of-nature, 0% body fat guy/gal you see at the gym. It took them YEARS, possibly even decades to to achieve what you see before you today (and good genetics don't hurt either). Remember back to the day before you set foot in a Crossfit gym for your first WOD? Or the first day you were going to teach kickboxing class? Or the first time you tried anything new? My list could go on and on. Do you think my post-dunk consultations five years ago are as in-depth or educational as they are today? HECK NO!!

This also is why I have NEVER written a blog post. What if it's not awesome? What if it doesn't make sense? What if my grammar is terrible? What if a misspelling gets through the spell checker. What if everyone laughs at me? AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! STAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHPPPP ALREADY.  Of course my first blog post won't look or feel or sound like my '10-years in the future' posts. DUH. Remember back to the first time you tried a new way of eating? A new way of folding your clothes? Of organizing your desk? You just DID IT, right??

Please let us help you by showing you that even though you weren't PERFECT during that 90 day challenge, you will most definitely have learned something about your body.

Come see us and we will support you in your great human experiment.