Ready, Set...Meal Plan!

In the end, do you know what is one of the biggest denominators in causing folks to fail towards reaching their fitness goals?

The wrong workout plan?

The wrong trainer?

The wrong Lululemon yoga pants?

Lack of follow through with their nutrition plan?

So what is it that causes nice and well intentioned people like you and me to throw in the towel when we know exactly what we should be eating everyday?

Proper planning my friends.

Preparing healthy meals takes time and energy. If you have not planned ahead, making healthy food choices is the first priority to go out the window when meal time comes. It is the end of the day or heck, it is lunchtime and you are tired, hungry and brain-dead so you want the quickest and most convenient option at hand. 9 times out of 10 you will grab something that is a far cry from the nutritious fuel your body needs.

When we are tired and hungry we do not have the strong willpower to make the best  decision over the convenient decision. The trick is to make the best-for-us decision THE convenient-for-us decision. There is only one way to make that happen and that is by pre-preparing our meals.

Now if you are like me that can be a royal pain in my tricep. Between picking the dishes, buying the groceries, and actually preparing the dishes it is enough to drive me straight to the Eggo Waffles in my freezer.

Lucky for you I have found two fantastic websites that make the meal planning, shopping, and prepping process crazy easy. and

These are two fantastic and affordable websites where you can buy meal plans that include shopping lists and recipes for prepping by the week ( Emeals ) or prepping by the month ( Once A Month Mom ). Both sites have a variety of menu options, including Paleo.

Now you have no excuses so reeeeady…set…MEAL PLAN!