The 1200 Calorie Lie

While testing body composition in The Dunk Truck

I commonly hear this story...

"I use an online calorie tracker and it tells me

I should be eating 1200 calories per day to reach

my goals."

10 times out of 10 times this person's goals are to lose

fat and gain muscle.              

Guess what?

No matter what their online fitness calculations tell them,

eating a meager 1200 calories per day is not going to give

them the results they want. 

The key to long term successful weight loss is

consuming adequate nutrition that supports

muscle gain and fat loss. 

Truth #1 : If you do not consume enough calories your body

will feed off of your muscle versus feeding off of your fat.

Truth #2: Your muscle is your best calorie burning ally.

The more of it you have, the more calories you burn

doing absolutely nothingt.

Truth #3: There are good calories and bad calories.

(Stay tuned for a future blog post for more info on this topic.)

Truth #4: The most accurate way to determine the amount of

calories you need to be consuming per day is to determine

your correct body composition. (This is where Dunk Truck comes in.)

But I love my online calorie tracking site...

Online calorie trackers are fantastic resources for tracking, motivation,

and finding community but must be used strategically and with a

certain amount of education about your own body and its needs.

Your next 2 steps:

1. Eat more nutritious food now.

2. Sign up here to get an accurate

body composition assessment.